Terms of Business

Issue Date: 1 February 2017

Definitions Terms: The Terms of Business specified in this document.
redFORGE design: A web design and development business wholly owned by TRGNET Ltd, registered in England, company number 7424410.
Client: The individual or company commissioning the SERVICES.
Services: The work provided by redFORGE design as may be described in a PROPOSAL or QUOTE.
Proposal: The description, and anticipated pricing where applicable, of the SERVICES to be provided to the CLIENT. This may take the form of a written document, email or written correspondence, or verbal conversation.

Unless otherwise stated in a PROPOSAL or QUOTE, the following standard TERMS apply. They are intended to protect both the CLIENT and redFORGE design and to ensure that the working relationship is open and honest for both parties.

1. Authorisation

All work is carried out by redFORGE design on the understanding that the CLIENT has agreed to these TERMS.

The CLIENT may indicate their acceptance of a PROPOSAL or QUOTE and these TERMS either by a signed agreement in writing; accepting a PROPOSAL or QUOTE online; a confirming email; or by paying a deposit for work outlined in the PROPOSAL or QUOTE.

The CLIENT hereby authorises redFORGE design to carry out the SERVICES and access any information required in order to do so, for example accessing a web hosting account.

Unless otherwise stated on the PROPOSAL or QUOTE, the CLIENT authorises redFORGE design to upload any files to any publicly available servers in order to provide the SERVICES; and to submit a completed website to internet search engines unless stated otherwise in the PROPOSAL or QUOTE.

2. Warranties

redFORGE design represents and warrants to the CLIENT that it has the experience and ability to perform the SERVICES; that it will perform said SERVICES in a professional, competent and timely manner; and that its performance under these TERMS shall not infringe upon or violate the rights of any third party or violate applicable legislation.

The CLIENT represents and warrants to redFORGE design that it has the power to enter into an agreement with redFORGE design; that it is solely responsible for any information added to a website as part of the SERVICES; and that its performance under these TERMS shall not infringe upon or violate the rights of any third party or violate applicable legislation.

3. Proposals, Quotes & Pricing

redFORGE design will usually provide a proposal or fixed quote for the work.

If it is not possible to accurately predict the amount of work in advance then redFORGE design will quote a maximum price.

  • The final bill will be less than or equal to the maximum price agreed.
  • redFORGE design will not exceed the agreed quote without prior approval from the CLIENT.
  • redFORGE design may agree to charge an agreed hourly rate for a piece of work.
  • Billable time will be rounded to the nearest 15 minutes, minimum half hour per task.
  • If the SERVICES are carried out under an ongoing support plan then the minimum time per task reduces to 15 minutes.

All prices quoted are based on redFORGE design’s current understanding of the CLIENT’s requirements, as described in the PROPOSAL or QUOTE.

Any changes to these requirements may affect the price. The PROPOSAL or QUOTE will list the exact specification of the work and the specific SERVICES to be provided.

4. Website software

Unless otherwise specified in the PROPOSAL or QUOTE, the SERVICES will be provided using the WordPress content management platform.

The PROPOSAL or QUOTE will state whether a custom design will be commissioned or whether redFORGE design will install one of it’s own pre-built premium WordPress themes.

If a premium WordPress theme is used then redFORGE design will set it up using its standard features.

Any theme customisations to be made under the SERVICES will be listed on the PROPOSAL or QUOTE.

Unless otherwise specified in the PROPOSAL or QUOTE, redFORGE design will select and install appropriate plugins to be installed on the website.

5. Website standards and interoperability

The PROPOSAL or QUOTE will list the specific standards that the SERVICES will adhere to, for example W3C or DDA Compliance.

Unless otherwise specified in the PROPOSAL or QUOTE, the SERVICES will be optimised for all modern web browsers plus Internet Explorer 11 and Edge 15 or above.

If more than 6 months elapses (for any reason) between the PROPOSAL or QUOTE being accepted and the SERVICES going live, then redFORGE design reserves the right to change the requirements relating to software compatibility – for example by changing the earliest version of Internet Explorer or PHP that will be optimised for.

The new requirements will be described in an updated version of these TERMS.

6. Domain names

If stated on the PROPOSAL or QUOTE, redFORGE design will register one or more domain names on behalf of the CLIENT.

redFORGE design will suggest appropriate domain names and check their availability.

A domain name’s availability during the initial stages of the project does not guarantee it will still be available at the time of registration.

The chosen domain name may be registered using the CLIENT’s contact details, and will be owned by the CLIENT. For expediency redFORGE design may register a domain via TRGNET Ltd’s details, but will be transferred to the CLIENT as and when required.

redFORGE design will manage the domain name registration and renewal on behalf of the CLIENT.

At no time will redFORGE design hold any rights over a domain name purchased expressly for a CLIENT.

Alternatively, the CLIENT may request that redFORGE design manages the transfer of an existing domain name owned by the CLIENT. This will be quoted for separately.

7. Materials provided by the CLIENT


If specified in the PROPOSAL or QUOTE, redFORGE design will write any text to be displayed on the website, which the CLIENT is required to approve, otherwise the CLIENT is required to supply as much content text as deemed necessary.

The CLIENT must provide sufficient information, for example in the form of detailed verbal information, written notes, brochures, leaflets or information from other relevant websites.

Where the PROPOSAL or QUOTE states that the CLIENT will provide the text, redFORGE design reserves the right to proof read and edit it for the purpose of making it suitable for web use and attractive to search engines.

The CLIENT can request amendments to any changes made to the text by redFORGE design when approving the draft website.


redFORGE design will use images provided by the CLIENT if they are of sufficient quality.

Photographs must be provided electronically.

redFORGE design reserves the right to graphically enhance images and save them into a format suitable for online use.

If specified on the PROPOSAL or QUOTE, redFORGE design will select appropriate images for the website which are freely available for commercial use.

8. Web hosting

The standard web hosting service provided by redFORGE design is as follows:

  • Setup and configuration of hosting for the website.
  • Installation of the website on the web host.
  • Configuration of name servers to link the domain name with the website hosted by the web host (where redFORGE design has registered the domain).
  • Uptime monitoring, and taking appropriate action if the website is offline.

Projects not hosted by redFORGE design

Where possible, redFORGE design will host work on our servers free of charge during the development phase.

If the CLIENT wishes for development work or a completed website to be hosted on their own servers then this might incur additional work for redFORGE design, for example if there are issues with the server setup.

The PROPOSAL or QUOTE would require that the CLIENT uses a standard Linux-based web host that is suitable for hosting WordPress websites and that full FTP and control panel access will be available.

If any unforeseen issues with the CLIENT’s web host are discovered then the additional time will be notified in advance and charged separately.

Full payment must normally be made before redFORGE design will upload files to be hosted on the CLIENT’s live server or web host. The exact payment arrangements will be described on the PROPOSAL or QUOTE.

9. Additional costs

Additional services requested during the project

The CLIENT agrees to pay the additional fees for any work not described in the PROPOSAL or QUOTE that the CLIENT requests during the course of the project. This will be quoted for in advance.

Additional expenses

The CLIENT agrees to reimburse redFORGE design for any additional expenses necessary for the completion of the SERVICES. An example of this might be work required due to unforeseen difficulties or fees incurred in obtaining access to the CLIENT’s domain name, or additional meetings and travel time that were not previously quoted for. Additional expenses will be charged at the agreed price plus expenses.

10. Completion date

redFORGE design will book in the work and provide an expected completion date once the CLIENT has accepted the PROPOSAL and paid any initial deposit. Any completion date should be viewed as an estimate. The completion date is dependent on the CLIENT providing any information that is required in order for redFORGE design to complete the work.

If there are unforeseen delays in receiving this information then redFORGE design will re-book the work and provide a new expected completion date, based on redFORGE design’s current availability. redFORGE design cannot be held responsible for any delays, whatever the cause.

11. Cancellation

Cancellation of new SERVICES Prior to the CLIENT’s final approval of the draft SERVICES, each party reserves the right to terminate their agreement at any time. redFORGE design shall have the right to bill pro rata for work completed up to and including the date of that request, plus any expenses incurred, while reserving all rights under these TERMS and to the work.

If the CLIENT cancels the SERVICES then any deposit will not normally be refundable.

Cancellation of ongoing services

Any ongoing SERVICES provided by redFORGE design can be cancelled by the CLIENT at any time.

The CLIENT must give redFORGE design at least 14 days’ notice either in writing or by email.

The CLIENT shall not be entitled to a refund for any part of a month or year for SERVICES yet to be provided which have been paid in advance.

If the CLIENT is cancelling the website hosting or domain name registration service (e.g. the CLIENT wishes to move the website to a different web host) then redFORGE design will release and hand over all website files or will assist in transferring the domain name. This will be quoted for as a fixed cost, plus any additional expenses. Please note: Any paid for plugins supplied free to the CLIENT’s website (e.g All in One SEO Pro) to enhance redFORGE designs offering to the CLIENT, will be charge for if the the site is transferred from our servers.

If redFORGE design wishes to cancel any ongoing service provided to the CLIENT then they may do so at any time but must give the CLIENT at least 14 days’ notice in writing or by email.

12. Approval of work

The CLIENT is responsible for approving the work provided under the SERVICES.

Once the CLIENT had indicated their approval of part or all of a project, any subsequent changes that they request may be chargeable. For example, if the CLIENT approves the visuals for a bespoke website design and redFORGE design commences the development work on this basis, then redFORGE design will quote separately for any further changes that the CLIENT requests to the design.

Bug fixes and other issues redFORGE design will ensure that the SERVICES meet the requirements described in the PROPOSAL or QUOTE to the best of its ability.

The CLIENT is responsible for checking the work and providing any feedback before it is formally approved and handed over to the CLIENT.

If the CLIENT raises any issues with redFORGE design’s work within 3 months of it being handed over to the CLIENT then this will be fixed free of charge (e.g. bug fixes). redFORGE design will provide a separate PROPOSAL or QUOTE for fixing any bugs or other issues that the CLIENT reports after this initial 3 month period, even if these were present when the work was originally handed over.

After the initial 3 month post hand over support it is highly recommended that the CLIENT tales out a support and care plane with redFORGE design, as quoted elsewhere on the website.

13. Payment

The CLIENT must pay for the work in full following receipt of an invoice from redFORGE design.

All SERVICES shall be provided for the price specified in the PROPOSAL or QUOTE and these TERMS. The PROPOSAL or QUOTE will state at which stage(s) of the project payment will be required.

Payment shall be made by Credit Card, PayPal, BACS transfer or direct debit.

If the CLIENT wishes to pay by PayPal then a PayPal fee will be added to the invoice.

If redFORGE design will be hosting the finished website then the web hosting costs begin when a draft of the website is put online for the CLIENT to view.

The CLIENT can choose to pay for any ongoing SERVICES either monthly in advance by direct debit, or annually in advance.

If paying monthly, the SERVICES will be renewed automatically on the payment date each month. If paying annually, the SERVICES will be renewed and invoiced automatically every 12 months.

Payment terms

All invoices must be paid in full by the due date(s) listed.

Late payment fees of 5% of the total invoice value will automatically be added every 28 days after the due date.

In case debt collection or legal action prove necessary, the CLIENT agrees to pay all fees incurred.

redFORGE design reserves the right to remove the CLIENT’s website or other SERVICES from viewing on the Internet if payment is not made in full within 28 days of any invoice due date.

redFORGE design will give the CLIENT seven days’ notice before removing the website from the Internet. This does not relieve the CLIENT of their obligation to pay the due amount.

redFORGE design accepts no liability for any losses that the CLIENT incurs if the website is removed from the Internet due to non-payment.

Payment timescales

The PROPOSAL or QUOTE will list any payment milestones for the project.

If redFORGE design is hosting the website then the final payment will normally be due when the website has been launched, unless stated otherwise in the PROPOSAL or QUOTE.

If the CLIENT is arranging their own web hosting then full payment will always be required before redFORGE design hands over the files or installs the SERVICES on the CLIENT’s hosting account.

If the CLIENT wishes to have administrative access to a website during the development process then they will be added at Editor level or lower.

If they wish to have full Administrator-level access then full payment for the SERVICES will be required before this access is granted, even if the SERVICES are not yet complete.

Price changes for ongoing services

redFORGE design may amend the cost of any ongoing services at any time.

Any changes will be notified to the CLIENT in writing giving at least 14 days’ notice.

If redFORGE design increases the cost of ongoing services that the CLIENT has already paid for in advance, redFORGE design will offer to provide a refund pro rata if they choose to move to a different provider. An example of this might be if the client had pre-paid for 12 months web hosting and redFORGE design notified them of a price increase after 6 months. In this case, if the CLIENT wished to change provider then redFORGE design would refund 50% of the amount paid.

14. Website maintenance

Any work provided under the SERVICES will be developed to be compatible with the current standards and software at the time the SERVICES are handed over to the CLIENT.

If the CLIENT causes delays exceeding 60 days during a project and additional work is required – for example to update the website software to the latest version, or to implement new standards that have been released during the delay – then redFORGE design will quote separately for this.

Once the SERVICES have been handed over to the CLIENT, the CLIENT will assume responsibility for keeping the website up to date and maintained.

Due to the changing nature of the website industry, redFORGE design does not guarantee that the work will be compatible with future standards, web browsers or upgrades to the software it runs on.

The CLIENT is advised to update the software used to power the website on a regular basis, and at least quarterly in all cases.

The CLIENT may choose to purchase ongoing software updates and/or website maintenance from redFORGE design.

redFORGE design do not guarantee that an e-commerce site will be upgradable for an indefinite lifespan, it is recommended that the CLIENT takes out an e-commerce support contract with redFORGE design.

If the updates required are beyond a standard update (for instance if WooCommerce has a ‘point’ release that substantially changes the way a bespoke theme would work) and more significant redevelopment is required to bring the software up to date, then redFORGE design will contact the CLIENT and recommend the best course of action.

If unforeseen issues occur with the CLIENT’s website, such as it getting corrupted or hacked, then redFORGE design will provide a quote to either restore it to a previous backup or fix the problem.

It is highly recommended that the CLIENT avails itself of one of redFORGE designs support and care packages to alleviate any problems

15. Support services


If required, redFORGE design will book in a set number of hours per month to work exclusively for the CLIENT.

The CLIENT will be informed which hours have been booked if required, and will receive discounted prices, as quoted in the PROPOSAL or QUOTE.

The hours covered by the retainer will be billed at the end of each month at the agreed price.

If the CLIENT requests more work in any month than is covered by the retainer then these will be billed separately.

16. Assignment of project

redFORGE design reserves the right to assign suitably qualified and experienced UK subcontractors to the project as required.

Where subcontractors are used, redFORGE design reserves the right to share any information that is necessary for the work to be carried out.

redFORGE design will remain fully responsible for the final results of the project.

17. Copyrights & trademarks

The CLIENT declares that it holds the appropriate copyright and/or trademark permissions for any information that it asks redFORGE design to include on a website under the SERVICES, including text and images.

The CLIENT agrees to fully indemnify and hold redFORGE design free from harm in any and all claims resulting from the CLIENT not having obtained the required copyright and/or other necessary permissions.

The CLIENT is assigned rights to use as a website the design, graphics and text contained in the finished assembled work.

If redFORGE design has provided a logo or colour scheme for the CLIENT then the CLIENT is also assigned rights to use these throughout their business.

Copyright for these elements will be transferred to the CLIENT once they have been paid for in full.

redFORGE design will provide image files of any parts of the website design to the CLIENT on request. This will be chargeable.

Rights to photos, graphics, source code, intellectual property (including software designs and algorithms) and computer programs are specifically not transferred to the CLIENT, and remain the property of their respective owners including redFORGE design.

18. Authorship credit

Unless specified otherwise in the PROPOSAL or QUOTE, the CLIENT must include a link at the bottom of each page of their website, establishing authorship credit to redFORGE design, this will be inserted by redFORGE design.

redFORGE design may remove the link at any time.

The CLIENT may only remove it with prior permission from redFORGE design.

redFORGE design and its subcontractors retain the right to link to the CLIENT’s website, display graphics and other web design elements as examples of their work in their respective portfolios, as well as to mention the CLIENT in publicity to promote redFORGE design, unless stated otherwise in the PROPOSAL or QUOTE.

19. Cookies and privacy

redFORGE design will educate and support the CLIENT in ensuring the website complies with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (updated 26 May 2011).

redFORGE design will inform the CLIENT of their responsibilities, including offering their services in carrying out an audit of any cookies used on the site, and providing information about the technical options available to achieve compliance.

Ultimate responsibility for compliance lies with the CLIENT.

20. Limited liability

The CLIENT hereby agrees that any material submitted for publication on a website will not contain anything leading to an abusive or unethical use of the web hosting service or host server.

Abusive and unethical materials and uses include, but are not limited to, pornography, obscenity, nudity, violations of privacy, computer viruses, any harassing and harmful material or uses, any illegal activity, or material advocating illegal activity, and any infringement of privacy or libel.

The CLIENT hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless redFORGE design from any claim resulting from the CLIENT’s publication of material or use of those materials.

The CLIENT acknowledges that redFORGE design cannot guarantee the security of the SERVICES.

If, at any time, the CLIENT is aware of any infiltration, or suspects that such infiltration may be taking place, it shall notify redFORGE design immediately.

If a website is compromised or infiltrated then redFORGE design will charge for rectifying it, unless stated otherwise in the PROPOSAL or QUOTE.

At no time does redFORGE design make any guarantee that the CLIENT’s website will achieve a certain rating in search engine results; or guarantee a certain level or security or performance.

redFORGE design’s total liability arising in connection with work provided under the PROPOSAL or QUOTE and these TERMS shall be limited to the total cost of SERVICES ordered by the CLIENT from redFORGE design during that financial year.

redFORGE design shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage (whether for loss of profit, loss of business, depletion of goodwill or otherwise), costs, expenses or other claims for consequential compensation (howsoever caused) which arise out of or in connection with the SERVICES provided.

It is highly recommended that the CLIENT avails itself of one of redFORGE designs support and care packages to alleviate any problems

21. Indemnification

The CLIENT shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless redFORGE design and its employees, agents and subcontractors from all liabilities, claims and expenses, including all reasonable legal fees, that may arise or result from:

  • Any service provided or performed or agreed to be performed or any product sold by the CLIENT, its agents, employees or assigns.
  • Any injury to person or property caused by any products or services sold or otherwise distributed in connection with redFORGE design.
  • Any material supplied by the CLIENT that infringes on the proprietary rights of a third party.
  • The CLIENT’s use of electronic commerce.
  • Any defective product which the CLIENT has provided via the SERVICES.

22. Non-disclosure

redFORGE design, its employees and subcontractors agree that, except as directed by CLIENT, it will not at any time disclose any confidential information to any person.

23. Entire understanding

These TERMS and any corresponding PROPOSAL or QUOTE form the sole agreement between the CLIENT and redFORGE design regarding redFORGE design’s  ongoing SERVICES.

These TERMS shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law.

The parties agree that if any part, term or provision of these TERMS shall be found illegal or in conflict with any valid controlling law, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.


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