Wordpress LogoContent Management System

A Content Management System (CMS) enables you the customer to keep your website up to date without the need to pay a web developer (or even us!) for every update you want to make. Successful websites, whether business or personal, should refresh their content regularly, and this is what makes WordPress so ideal. It’s one of the easiest content management systems to use. As a personal or business owner, you can add new text and photos with ease, even new pages! You don’t need any scripting skills at all.

Some top reasons why we recommend WordPress:

WordPress SEO:

SEO stands word search engine optimization. SEO is key to getting your website to show up in that Google search a potential client performs. We build our themes to ensure best possible on page SEO (how Google reads the page) and because of WordPress’s ‘plug-in’ architecture additional SEO plug-ins allow for deeper SEO optimisation.

WordPress Themes:

Themes are how a WordPress site realises it’s look and feel and may incorporate features you find useful, whether it’s a photo slider or an e-commerce component that allows you to incorporate a shop on your website. All of our themes are now fully responsive, making your site look good on TV, PC, tablet and phone and the good thing is, if a couple of years down the line, you want to refresh your site, a new theme can be created, activated and all your articles and stories are still there, no messing about.

WordPress Plug-ins:

There must be thousands of plug-in options for WordPress. Think of these as add-on tools that can be installed on your blog to allow for new features, functions and the like. For example, you could add a plug-in to integrate your blog with a newsletter program, or a plug-in that would allow you to add pop-up adds and sign-up forms to your website – all without complex HTML or CSS knowledge. We here at redFORGE design also build bespoke plug-ins to efficiently do just what you want.

WordPress Support:

Long term, should you decide to leave the comfort of our services, it’s easy to find support and developers who can help you if you do run into a problem with WordPress. A search on Google or YouTube will pull up tutorial videos and advice such as how to add too your blogs or a variety of other things. If you want a website that can easily integrate a customized and professional look with a blog that will help draw traffic, redFORGE design and WordPress is ideal for you. Why not look at some of our creations or visit http://wordpress.org/showcase to see why we like WordPress…